What are you doing in St. George?

The delta surrounding Saint George is the largest marshland in Europe, unique for its vast expanse of reed beds, along with willows, bulrush, water ferns, and a large population of water lilies. Locals even offer tourists boat rides, called 'among the water lilies'. Due to the rich vegetation, in the Saint George area, there is also a significant population of wild ducks.




Discover wild birds

The birds of the Danube Delta adorn the sky with an amazing palette of colors and sounds. From elegant pelicans to nimble stilts and migrating flocks, their diverse habitat provides an unparalleled ornithological spectacle in this ecological paradise.

Relaxing bike rides

Relaxing bike rides bring joy and balance to life. Ride scenic trails, breathe fresh air and rediscover the beauty of every moment during this energizing and satisfying experience.

Discover authentic relaxation

In the Danube Delta, discover authentic relaxation in the midst of natural landscapes and amazing biodiversity. Experience the tranquility of the river, the songs of the birds and the authentic charm of this ecological paradise, offering a perfect escape for the soul and mind.

Relaxing boat trips

Relaxing boat trips are an oasis of calm and adventure. Floating on the calm waves, you discover idyllic landscapes, listening to the sounds of nature and feeling the coolness of the wind. A perfect experience for finding inner peace and connecting with nature.

Easy access to the Black Sea

At the Black Sea, relaxation comes to life in the colors of vibrant sunsets, endless beaches and the calmness of the waves. With the salty air and the melodies of the wind, every moment becomes a journey of inner peace and discovery.


Fishing is the main activity in the Danube Delta. Professional or hobbyist, beginner or child, you must experience the sensation of stretched thread!