About us


About us

Actor and journalist, a former star of TVR International and her husband, a former CEO of a multinational, are the ones who will open the door of their house and tell you with passion about the wonders of the Delta, which they love so much.

They made the bold decision to give up, for almost the whole year, the comfort of the city in exchange for the feeling of freedom that the Delta and the Sea can offer, and St. George is the perfect place.

In this adventure they are accompanied by their two children, whom they want to raise in a picturesque place, where there are no cars, the air is unpolluted, the food is healthy and where they can walk freely on the sandy streets. ​

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Relaxation on vacation

Delta Marina 1 offers you 10 KING Standard rooms, 6 FAMILY rooms and 1 SINGLE room, and Delta Marina 2, located just 50 meters away, has 11 KING Standard Danube view rooms. They are extremely welcoming and have an architecture specific to the area. The complex offers you all modern comfort, from air conditioning and private bathroom, TV, minibar, children’s playground, to conference rooms and wi-fi.

Delta Marina is kid friendly and has an outdoor children’s playground.


KING Standard rooms


Family Rooms


Single Room



Delta Marina

Located on the banks of the Danube, the Delta Marina restaurant specializing in fish and seafood dishes, brings authentic tastes of the delta. With fresh ingredients and a relaxing atmosphere, it's the perfect destination for fish and seafood lovers.